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Much more than a law firm

When notified of my placement at Trott & Trott in Farmington Hills, I was thrilled! Of all the companies with which I interviewed, Trott & Trott was far and away my top choice.  As a recent law school graduate with a mountain of student loan debt, having a reliable job on the horizon -and one at a law firm- was music to my ears.  In the three months that have since passed, I am amazed at how much I’ve learned in so short a span of time.

Not only do I have the opportunity to accompany attorneys to court and learn about substantive law from orientation sessions, I  also research the changing world of government regulation.  Further, and thanks to my talented supervisor Roy Sexton, I am gaining invaluable experience marketing and business management, areas that are critical for achieving success in any industry.  I find this work requires constant reference to the knowledge I acquired while attaining a Masters degree in psychology- group dynamics, semiotics, and identity formation.

Trott & Trott is very generous in exposing me to all aspects of their company and providing ample opportunities for professional growth.  Last month I was privileged to attend a business symposium at the Birmingham Community House titled, “How to work smarter” which provided useful tips in the areas of sales, marketing, HR, and IT.  Just last week I spent the evening at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Detroit Branch where David Zin from the Michigan Senate Fiscal Agency spoke on issues affecting state fiscal policy.  The seminar was geared towards teachers and educators and provided helpful suggestions for how to educate our youth on economic concepts that encourage fiscal responsibility. Doreen Hoffman, whom I accompanied to the event, is managing partner for Trott Recovery Services; Hoffman regularly speaks to audiences on financial literacy.

From what I have witnessed, Hoffman isn’t the only one volunteering her time. Most of the employees at Trott & Trott make it a point to give back in some form or fashion.  Philanthropy is a value strongly encouraged by the firm.  Trott & Trott is constantly providing a wide variety of ways to help the community; whether it’s a blood drive in the cafeteria, adopting a family for the holidays, or sending a team to volunteer at Starfish Family Services, charitable initiatives are always taking place within the office -and there is something for everyone. Trott & Trott’s commitment to volunteerism seems to have a great impact on the way that people feel about their workplace.  From the conversations I’ve had around the office and at town meetings, the staff are happy and fulfilled.  I, like my colleagues, am thrilled with my surroundings. In the months to come, I look forward to enriching my understanding of law, business and marketing principles.

This blog post was contributed by Caroline Gersch, Fellow

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