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This month Challenge Detroit tried something totally new and innovative; instead of working with one non-profit partner, we chose to team up with FIVE!!!  Each of the organizations we partnered with had a great community innovation project for us to be a part of.  From urban farming to entrepreneurial co-working, this challenge was full of creative ideas!  Take our quiz below to figure out which of our non-profit partners you might like to volunteer with! 

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(Find out by answering just 4 simple questions!)

Detroit is on an upswing, and there are many movers and shakers contributing to its revitalization.  To you, the city will continue to improve the MOST if we:

a) keep kids active, healthy, and when they are old enough, employed.

b) educate and empower our youth.

c) continuously find ways to make the city greener; help spread recycling (and reducing and reusing, too!)

d) provide a community full of resources as practical as a grocery store, and as innovative as a co-working space.

e) build and maintain urban farms that will create a source of fresh produce and beauty amongst blight.

How much time do you have to dedicate to working with a new organization?

a) I would like a regular commitment, but I have more time to give in the summer, so heavier hours in the warmer months would be ideal.

b) I am interested in a weekly commitment for maybe an hour or so during the work day; it’s great to get away from my desk and out into the community!

c) I do not know if I can make a time commitment right now, but I can easily do things like take responsibility for helping my apartment complex to recycle, and bringing the full bins to Recycle Here every couple of Saturdays.

d) I can commit a handful of days a month, but they will not necessarily be the same day, and I may not always be free at the same time.

e) Saturday mornings almost always work best for me.

When you volunteer, what do you hope the experience will be like?

a) Some semblance of structure, but pretty relaxed.

b) I like structure, regularity, and a schedule.

c) I don’t want to have to commit to showing up to a location and staying there.  I more like to facilitate things.

d) I don’t necessarily have a preference.  Sometimes I want to help new entrepreneurs, some days I want to work with kids, sometimes I want to get my hands dirty.

e) I want to be around a ton of people, preferably outdoors.  Organized chaos is great.

What neighborhood are you most interested in working in?

a) Southwest

b) Downtown

c) Midtown

d) (What neighborhood is Focus:Hope technically in???)

e) North End

If you chose mostly a’s, you should check out SOUTHWEST RIDES

Southwest Rides is a community-owned, youth-run bicycle sale and repair shop.  During this challenge, we collaborated with them to create an effective operational strategy.

If you chose mostly b’s, you should check out 826 MICHIGAN

826michigan is a national nonprofit presence dedicated to supporting students with their creative and expository writing skills; we helped them launch their tutoring initiative in Detroit.

If you chose mostly c’s, you should check out GREEN LIVING SCIENCE

Green Living Science is an environmental education organization in Detroit.  Challenge Detroit fellows help them pitch city businesses to implement recycling programs.

If you chose mostly d’s, you should check out FOCUS:HOPE

Focus: Hopeis a Detroit-based, non-denominational, non-profit organization whose aim is to overcome racism and poverty by providing education and training for underrepresented minorities and others.  We worked with them on the creation of their brand new co-working space.

If you chose mostly e’s, you should check out MUFI

Michigan Urban Farming Inistaitive, or MUFI, is a local, non-profit urban farm.  Fellows assisted them in securing and installing a shipping container that will house their first ever garden care-taker.

Contributed by Fellow Project Managers: Elizabeth Machesky and Rosie Williamson.

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