Fellow Spotlight: Ben Hershey

Ben Hershey Picture

An Interview with Fellow Ben Hershey

Question: Tell us about your company.

Answer: My host company is a vibrant tech startup called At hiredMYway, we are attempting to revolutionize the online job market by making it easier for companies to find qualified candidates for their positions.

Q: Describe what you do for your organization.

A: My role at hiredMYway is to provide video content for our website, with the goal of informing users on how to get the most use out of our product. Most recently, I have been working on a project that is going to help change the way recent college grads find employment. This project, called, will be launching in a couple of weeks and will feature a number of videos that I created. College Top Talent is essentially a video career expo, where students can use technology to stand out from their competition.

Q: What makes working for your company unique?

A: hiredMYway is a unique company because we have such a energetic and fun group of people. I find working in a startup to be a great experience because we are all incredibly motivated individuals with entrepreneurial spirits. There is never a dull moment at work – I always have to be on my toes with new projects flying in from all directions.

Q: Why do you enjoy working in the greater Detroit area?

A: I enjoy working in the greater Detroit area because it is a place that I am completely unfamiliar with. Moving from Columbus, Ohio I had no prior knowledge of what currently existed in the area. Discovering new bars, restaurants and shops in the greater Detroit area is always an adventure, and something I love to do in my free time.

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